Home Equity Lines of Credit

Our open-end adjustable rate Home Equity loan allows you to utilize the maximum equity available from your home when you need a larger dollar amount. Apply for a specific amount and access the funds by writing Home Equity checks. As you pay the loan down, the money becomes available for you to use again without the hassle of going through another application process. Best of all, there are NO FEES OR POINTS!

You must reside in the home as your primary residence and it must be located in PA or NJ within a 50 mile radius of the credit union office. These loans are available for a maximum term of 15 years and rates are based on the prime rate + “0%”.

Please call  908-859-1811 and ask for our Loan Department.  We will be glad to schedule an appointment at either our main office in Phillipsburg or our branch office in Easton.

Home Equity Loan Rates

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