Wiring Instructions


If you find it necessary to receive funds wired into your account at IRCO from another financial institution, there is certain information you must provide to insure the fastest and most accurate posting of your funds.

There is a $20 fee for incoming wires. The instructions are as follows:

  • Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union 184 Shuman Blvd., Suite 400, Naperville, IL 60563 ABA Number: 271987635
  • For further credit: IRCO Community FCU 450 Hillcrest Blvd., Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
  • Acct. Number : 221278035
  • For final credit to (your name and your IRCO account number)

NOTE: For International Wires, the bank overseas needs to first send the wire to their corresponding Financial Institution in the United States. Once the wire is received by that bank in the United States, they can then use the instructions shown above.


Contact the receiving financial institution for their specific wiring instructions before contacting our Accounting Department at ext. 285. The fee for domestic wires is $30.00.