Paper, paper, and more paper! It seems like everything we do involves writing! Wouldn’t it be great if we could help save our environment by eliminating some of that paper?

eStatements are a safe, convenient, and secure way to get your monthly statements right from your computer. No more paper to worry about (you can always print them if you like).


  • NO PAPER – Better for the environment!
  • NO WAITING FOR MAIL – Statement available the 2nd of the month
  • 13-MONTH Archived Statements
  • ACCESS a .pdf of our latest newsletter
  • It’s FREE!

We can help with Virtual Branch Next eStatements! Log onto Virtual Branch and sign up! If you’re not a Virtual Branch user, click on the new enrollment tab on our home page and get started today.

To register for eStatements, log on to Virtual Branch Next here, click on the self-service tab, and then eStatements.

If you have any problems signing up for eStatements, contact us at 908-859-1811.