Paper, paper, and more paper! It seems like everything we do involves writing! Wouldn’t it be great if we could help save our environment by eliminating some of that paper?

eStatements are a safe, convenient, and secure way to get your monthly statements right from your computer. No more paper to worry about (you can always print them if you like).


  • NO PAPER – Better for the environment!
  • NO WAITING FOR MAIL – Statement available the 2nd of the month
  • 13-MONTH Archived Statements
  • ACCESS a .pdf of our latest newsletter
  • It’s FREE!

We can help with Virtual Branch eStatements! Log onto Virtual Branch and sign up! If you’re not a Virtual Branch user, click on the new enrollment tab on our home page and get started today.

To register for eStatements, log in to Virtual Branch, click on the self-service tab, and then eStatements.

If you have any problems signing up for eStatements, contact us at 908-859-1811.